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New! Wi-Fi Thermostat from Bryant

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015

With spring comes cleaning and maintenance. After all, you don’t want to meet the scorching hot, humid summer days with air conditioning and other features that don’t work. So, brush off the dust and get started on cleaning your home and making sure everything is in working order!

Recently, Bryant released a brand new thermostat—it’s a Wi-Fi thermostat! How convenient!  The Housewise Wi-Fi Thermostat by Bryant is brand new and more effective than other Wi-Fi Thermostats out there!

How Does it Work?

The Housewise Wi-Fi Thermostat helps you and your family to maintain a comfortable home around the clock, from anywhere in your house. With just a simple touch, you can have ultimate control over the way your heating and cooling system uses energy.  You will gain real money savings in no time!

We all use our smartphones throughout the day—from surfing the Internet to making phone calls it never seems to leave our side. With the Housewise Wi-Fi Thermostat all you need is your smartphone—it can easily be controlled from a downloadable App!

Don’t wait any longer. Take your heating and cooling system into your own hands with Housewise Wi-Fi Thermostat from Bryant now available at Winters Comfort Inc. We will install this new innovative thermostat into your home and all you have to do is download the App! It’s as simple as that. Call us today so you don’t have to sweat it out in the hot summer months.

You will love this new feature for your home!